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Warum Scrum und Kanban zu zufriedenen Mitarbeitern und erfolgreichen Kunden führen

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Agile Deutschland
25.11.2019 Munich
DevOps Fallbeispiel für eine SAP Applikation


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We like to inspire you and your team.


We help orgs drive the culture that let form real TEAMS for better products. We have worked with companies all sizes, as in-house employee, consultant, manager and entrepreneur. Let us share the learnings.

Wir bringen methodisches Wissen und Erfahrung im Umgang mit MENSCHEN zusammen. So helfen wir Ihrer Organisation zur persönlichen Bestleistung.

Janko Boehm
Karin Kogler-Böhm
agility concepts & people coaching
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Lets chat on your topic so that I can bring my outside view and ask.
I will think and discuss (confidentially) the topic with my peers.
Lets have a second chat on the topic to share thoughts and ideas.
You have already a document and need a second opinion?
I will have a look, assess the doc according 12 criteria and send a feedback.
We will do a secured, encrypted document exchange.

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Agile Deutschalnd

8:00 - 19:00 Munich, Germany
„ECONOMY OF SCRUM – MARKTPRINZIPIEN FÜR ECHTS VALUE DELIVERY MIT SCRUM NUTZEN“ Der Vortrag zeigt ein Fallbeispiel, bei dem ein wirtschaftliches DevOps Arbeitsmodell für eine interne SAP Applikation entwickelt und eingeführt wird. Agiles Mindset im Team für die Arbeitsweise inkl. Skalierung im Einkauf für die Verträge und im Fachbereich für die Priorisierung nach Value über Abteilungsgrenzen hinweg. Wenn externe Teams agile Prinzipien einsetzen, die Anreizsysteme des Kunden und einschließlich der Verträge dem aber entgegenstehen, wird...

Why Agile Business Coaching?


Unlock potentials and support happyness


Business success


Set purpose and give feedback


The valuable outcome this is all about

principles and tools

Product Centric Organization

use economical principles in a agile working model

prioritize stakeholder requests
You have many stakeholders. All of them are important and have high priority requests. It becomes hard to prioritize the request just on a informal discussion. Use Value estimation principles to give them a numerical figure. Rationalize the arguments and bind them on a given budget.
Flow is more important than maximum speed. Agility is not a tool to maximize efficiency. Squeeze more out of an org, team or process is the old way to do it. Agility is to maximize the work not to do. By the way the resources where focused on the most valuable ones. With the resources allocated the maximum outcome is generated. A KPI suitable for that paradigm is not velocity. If we would use that, the team will drive the velocity KPI, but the generated outcome is still the same – because the outcome can no longer rise. An idea is to measure consistency of flow and predictability. This is valid for Scrum as well as for Kanban. The target is to minimize the variance.
The right team working model and a rationalized value estimation is useless if the contracts do not reflect the principles. Given contract papers enable your organization to implement the enterprise agile working model with economical principles.

On-Site Coachings


real live situations & challenges

Customer push on a target date - that is not realistic; what can we do?
The management does not know about agility and how it works, we do not have the support we need.
We as a team see room to improve our way to work.
We have to deal with inter-personal topics and can not form a TEAM.
How do I get my budget and planning dates out of that agile team?
I do need a release plan - but will that work out in a agile model?
How do I explain that all to my in-house customer?
The customer push my organization to fix dates and desiderables - but we want to work agile.
How that will fit in my general procurement legal framework?
What risks that agile working model will bring and how to deal with that?
I need templates, sample documents and show-cases.

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