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feedback in 24h

You have invested a lot of effort and money in a concept, idea or plan and want a fast and cost-effective professional feedback? Outside of your own organization, the publisher group and from some else than your business consultants?

WITHOUT booking a (additional) consultant and involving them in your initiative?

An honest and professional external opinion without the dependency or a long-term relationship from us to your initiative or organization?

Packages of professional feedback

written feedback (4h)
written feedback (8h)
1h skype, written feedback (16h), 1h skype
+ professional written feedback
+ Clarity of your statements
+ Maturity statement
+ Quality ranking
+ supportive questions
+ like Basic
+ add. explanations
+ content peculiarity’s
+ methodology peculiarity’s
+ our ideas
+ possible compactations
+ possible miss-interpretations
+ like Pro
+ startup conversation (60 min)
+ detailed explanations
+ samples and references
+ wrap up chat (60 min)
order online

supported document types

  • Business Development: Mission & Vision Statement, Business Strategy, Team-Organization, -Manifest, KPIs, OKR, Contributions
  • Agile Product Development: Product Mission & Strategy, Product Backlog, Agile Releaseplan, Agile Organisation & Scaling
  • Projects: Projectplan, Project organisation / RACI chart, Project-Setup document, Project Turnaround Approach

company package

There are projects and product developments initiatives ongoing that need a second opinion quickly and easily on a regular basis? Book here a package and call the services even more flexibly with just one invoice. On package prices we grant 10% discount in case of ordering more than 5 professional feedback’s as a package.

company order via purchasing

how it work’s

  1. You book a ticket “professional feedback” and upload your document to the methodenfabrik.
  2. Depending on the industry and topic, we select experienced coaches and do the feedback discussions for your document.
  3. You will receive a download link and the invoice via email.

Your reasons to use this offer

  • A quick, easy and sharp written feedback.
  • Do not search for a consultant and involve them into your initiative.
  • Access our network of knowledge with a fixed amount of money.
  • You will get a professional opinion from outside as a expert but without organizational and project insights.
  • Industry insights from similar cases out of the industry.
  • We are not “in your subject”: are not blind and see things like (new) people you still want to convince
  • We answer honestly and without having the pressure or a dependency on your initiative or your organization.

Our reasons to offer

  • Better utilization of our consultants
  • Low aquisition costs
  • More & different situations we can learn from
  • More statistical data for industry trends

contractual topics

  • After processing, we will keep your document for 3 months for inquiries or connection orders – after that it will be deleted.
  • Your document does not leave our German business premises.
  • The server for up / down load of your documents is in Germany.
  • Direct contact with the consultants beyond the scope of the Interactive Package is not provided for in this product.
  • Interim questions and other contacts (via eMail)
    • will be charged according to processing costs with 175 Euro / hour
    • extend the promised processing period