professional Feedback


You upload a document – we give a independent online feedback. We support a wide range of document types out of the area of agile product development, business development & organizational transformation. The document exchange is secured and based on the European data protection standards.


professional Feedback

You can buy a independent second opinion on your document. You do not have to speak or chat with us. Just upload the document and if applicable some supporting documents and receive a document based feedback by a download link from our Germany based server.


We support feedback to the domains

  • Business Development
  • Agile Product Development
  • Projects


That covers the following types of documents:

  • Vision Statement
  • Mission Statement
  • Business Strategy
  • Team Organisation
  • Projektplan
  • Product Mission
  • Releaseplan
  • Projekt-Setup
  • Projekt Turnaround

and applicable ones


Additional information

Feedback Package

Fast & Direct, Deep & Iterative


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