feedback in 24h at scale

Your initiative invested effort and money in a concept, idea or plan and want a fast and cost-effective professional feedback in short time for some of the documents?

company package

In that package you will receive a proposal, a full contract with dedicated sections of ownership, data privacy and standard terms. You decide at what time frame your company wants to use the professional feedback at what amount of documents and detail level (basic, pro, interactive).

You (as purchaser) will receive a professional feedback package ID that you can hand over to your delivery unit or project team. With that ID the team can easy use the service via our website until the package is consumed. The Team will not we asked for any purchasing processes.

how it work’s

  1. You request a “professional feedback” offer at your need of time and volume per package.
  2. We send you the offer as a dedicated contract proposal via eMail and negotiate the details if needed.
  3. You order with all the “standard” purchasing process within your company and receive a professional feedback package ID that you can hand over to the project team.
  4. The project team will use the service with the ID as a reference.

contractual topics

  • After processing, we will keep your document for 3 months for inquiries or connection orders – after that it will be deleted.
  • Your document does not leave our German business premises and will only be stored in a IT system under German law.
  • The server for up / down load of your documents is located in Germany.
  • Interim questions and other contacts (via eMail) will be handled as agreed in the contract (excluded or on a hourly rate)

If you have further questions, please contact our team at contact[at]